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“Operate” is not just a song; it is an experience, a sonic masterpiece that transcends conventional music boundaries. With its euphoric celebration of dance, this track is poised to become your summer anthem, setting your soul on fire!

Michael Little stands apart from contemporary voices through his inimitable charm. The artist has a dreamy look in his eyes and captivates audiences with a heartfelt soul within each note he sings. His lyrics exude a soulful, intelligent, and passionate feel, reflecting his own gratitude for the art form and representing a unique blend of influences that shape his craft.

Armed with the innate ability of capturing the hearts of all those that listen to his music, Michael Little has created a unique, familiar, and striking presence within the R&B landscape. Curated by a beautiful entanglement of traits derived from musicians who have influenced him through the years- a hint of Smokey Robinson in his silky-smooth vocals, an air of Prince in his songwriting, and a dash of Eddie Levert in the passion of his vocals.

With his characteristically spellbinding vocals and heartfelt compositions, Michael is crafting a lasting musical legacy, at the helm of what he calls- New Urban Soul. An icon in the making, Michael promises to continue releasing enchanting music, cementing his place as an artist who is here to stay.

Stream Michael Little’s new music and experience the magic on Spotify and other official music platforms! Follow the artist’s social media and witness the making of a legend in contemporary R&B. For interviews, reviews, and/or collaborations, reach out to the artist through email.


In the vibrant music scene of Houston, Texas, emerges a soulful and talented R&B singer, songwriter, and producer- Michael Little. With deep roots in classic melodies and a foundation rooted in the church, Michael brings forth an emotional and smooth musical experience that echoes the golden era of soulful tunes.

Growing up surrounded by the timeless classics and the enriching ambiance of the church, Michael Little found his musical calling in R&B. Influenced by iconic artists like Prince, Earth Wind & Fire, and Gerald Levert, Michael’s journey began as a successful choreographer before transforming into the recording artist we now know. His music is more than a composition; it’s an emotional journey that resonates with the listener, leaving an indelible mark.

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