FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions


1. How does the payment work?

Funding can be done securely via PayPal, Credit Card or Bank Transfer directly or using the security provided by SoundBetter.com funding/release system where the client will fund the job upfront, but the funds will be released by the client only once the job is complete.
In case of direct payment: we will agree the quote with the client, we’ll send the invoice via PayPal or a .pdf one (for bank transfers) to make the payment. Once the payment is received/confirmed we’ll start the work, keeping always a close communication with you for every step of the process.

Do you accept session project files?

We prefer stems over sessions. It means WAV, AIFF stems or any .AAF or .OMF exports from your DAW.
In alternative, if you plan to send us a session, contact us before and let us know about that.

Can I have a free test mix?

We don’t offer free test mixes. We can only start working with at least half of the quote paid in advance.
We can offer a 100% refund following our Terms of Use:

– A Money-back guarantee is applicable to the orders, that were placed no more than 1 day ago, or if the engineer hasn’t accepted or started to work yet
– If we delivered a file later than any specified Turnaround Time”

Acappella and instrumentals are included once the mix/master are done?

Yes, they are always included in price, but delivered only on request.
Mixed stem exports and sessions are not included in price.

Clean/Radio version is included in the Mixing jobs rates?

Depending by the amount of words to be censored/edited we can charge or not a small fee for the additional editing. Contact us before about that.

Do you promote the song(s) you mixed/mastered for me?

If the project and the artist(s) show an overall solid commitment in what they do and you provide enough material, we’ll be happy to share your product on our website and social pages.