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Ben Beal is really unique in his style, for that listeners always get caught by the sampling choices (jazz lo-fi and old records) and by his lyrics (he states in an interview for "The Lift Off" by RapChat that he "makes rap for those who miss being a kid").
Born and raised in New York, Ben grew up listening to MF Doom, Big L, Wu-Tang Clan, and countless other hip hop legends. He reminisces on getting noticed by the popular DJ and rapper, Flying Lotus and how it was the most exciting moment of his career so far.
Now living in LA, Ben Beal continues to sharpen his writing skills every day and has built a cult-following on TikTok by showing off his bars every chance he gets. When asked about his dream project, Ben carefully crafts together his ideal album involving 2004 Kanye West and features from artists like Isaiah Rashad, Jay-Z, and 9th wonder production (source: "The Lift Off" YouTube interview)

"Eucalyptus" with Elijah Who is one of his latest releases we worked on, available on his YouTube channel and on Spotify.

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