online mixing

Online mixing allows you to have tracks mixed from the best engineers without moving from your studio, but as providers we can't forget we are not in studio together, so we have to be elastic: we offer unlimited revisions on online mixing, bringing all our art and knowledge in your song, with the best quality possible.

unique special effects

In music production, this stage is a very critical one: a creative sound engineer makes the difference from a "song that sounds good" and a HIT.

We pay a special attention to the effects needed by every type of sound, creating effects targeted to each kind of sounf, both for vocals and instrumental.


Our magic tricks, such as vinyl stops, reverses, stutters, psychedelic delays and reverbs, echos, crazy filter and combinations of experiments can really make the difference transforming a plain recording to a hit, we really get fun while creating them, and you'll get excited too when you'll hear them for the first time on your song.

AUTOtune / vocal tuning

If you need your voice with an extreme autotune, shaped note by note, or a smooth intervention on your performance to gently correct the small (or big) imperfections of your performance, we can make both with years of experience and different tools.
Just let us know (and hear) about your project, we have solutions for each amount of work needed on your voice.


just for reference! Contact us, we have a solution for everyone!



number of stems

2 to 4

5 to 8

9 to 16

17 to 24

25 to 32

more than 32


price per song






contact us!

vocal tuning/ autotune

depending by project - contact us for a quote


stereo file: 50 $ per song

stem mastering: 20$ per stem


contact us for a quote

a Collaborative and open mindset makes amazing results. This is how we work.

Creative & top notch mixing and mastering, we aim always to keep listener's attention alive with our unique mixing techniques. Active since more than 10 years in the Hip Hop / Electronica / Urban, combining professional results with unique effects.