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hip hop mixing and mastering

Talking about new releases worked by our professional hip hop mixing and mastering team work, we had to talk about one of the most talented, all-around artists we met until now. You4c hopes to amaze all audiences with his unique, breath-taking, and experimental musical allure and a consistent release schedule, improving drastically song by song his skills in the various genres he covers, from Rap to Rock and Punk.

Macungie, Pennsylvania — A stirring force in the world of Pop and Rock, You4c is ready to take the world by storm with the release of his new album “Facts 2” on February 5th, 2023. With a unique approach to music, You4c combines a blend of pop rock, and mixed genres to create a sound like no other.

Drawing inspiration from the artists that have come before them, as well as today’s game changers, You4c’s music speaks directly from the heart and captures the essence of his soul. As a solo artist, he is not limited to any specific genre and instead allows his intuition to guide his bold, refreshing, and characteristic creative process.

‘Facts 2’ marks its release against the backdrop of the artist’s live performances spanning the east coast in 2023. With diverse singles such as, ‘SOCK HOP,’ ‘CELEBRATE,’ ‘GOD,’ ‘ENVY,’ and ‘ON MY OWN,’ the seasoned singer-songwriter hopes to showcase his brilliance with the rest of the world.

“I’m unique because I listen to intuition and speak from the heart. No one could describe how I feel the exact same way!” says the artist regarding the ways his individuality sculpts his work.

A prolific solo artist with a plan, You4c continues to mesmerize audiences with music that is not genre specific and which beckons audiences to explore his distinctive musical appeal. Motivated by his work and by the impact that music can have in the lives of many, You4c is working on the pathways that are inspired by his Christian belief systems. Most crucially, the artist remains a strong proponent of the idea that life is truly what you make it out to be.

With a goal to make a return on his investment and see his sales, impacts, as well as his magical presence grow, You4c is poised for success as a promising new agent in the genre.

Purchase, stream, and listen to You4c’s new music on his official music streaming platforms and follow the artist on social media to keep up with his journey.

He hopes to make music with like-minded creatives who continue to inspire him and propel him toward finding his own rhythm. Confident about his place in the larger scheme of things, You4c is all set for success.

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hip hop mixing mastering