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"The mellow lofi beats work perfectly for the New York rapper Ben Beal, but the 808 touch is something he can exercise his flow over too. For "Celebi," Beal fits in the first category where the jazzy instrumental supports his lazy speech, and the chorus grips you tighter.
Kill Bill: The Rapper slides in with a stinging voice and rhythm while Elijah Who puts his perfect sense of lofi hip hop production so we can enjoy the full-color palette these three want to arrest our attention with." (source:

How we envisioned the sound: In the mixing/mastering phases of this song the goal was to have a warm and full bodied vocal sound, taking the essence of 60's records: dirty but with a strong presence and deep vocal character. The beat by Elijah Who is perfect for this style: dirty, fat and full of inspiring elements. Ben Beal and Kill Bill:The Rapper perfectly complete the beat, always telling the story with psychedelic elements that make you trip with them while listening.

Release: Celebi by Ben Beal, Elijah Who, Kill Bill: The Rapper
What we did: Mixing, Mastering, editing and special fx to create a dirty, clear sound.
Topic: Mixing, Mastering, Rap release, hip hop release
Available on Spotify, Youtube, Apple music and everywhere else.

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