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Professional Mixing Mastering Amrinder Gill new song

Amrinder Gill new song is about to release.

"Ocean Eyes" is the most awaited Amrinder Gill new song of 2023. Its sound is a blend of elements coming from many different parts of the world, including the fact that we had the honour of taking care of its professional mixing, mastering and the middle part guitar solo.
The release date is set for August 12, it will be released in India in the morning, while it will be making it to Canada by the 12th evening. Sung by Amrinder Gill, the song has music by Low Key. Further, Sagar Deol and Janik worked on the direction of the video.

Amrinder Gill's last musical outing was 'Kora Kujja,' which featured in the movie 'Kade Dade Diyan Kade Pote Diyan'. And as far as his films are concerned, he was last seen in 'Challa Mud Ke Ni Aaya'. The movie was released in 2022 (original soundtrack mixed and mastered by Esof Records as well) and after a long break brought Amrinder and Sargun Mehta together. The audience is still waiting for an update on Amrinder Gill's next theatrical release. (source:

What we did:
Professional mixing, mastering, middle guitar solo and additional guitar riffs.
Mixing: Marco Moscetti
Mastering: Simone Giuliani
Additional guitars: Fabio Garzia.

Professional Mixing Mastering amrinder gill new song

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