We, Marco Moscetti and Simone Giuliani, founded ESOF Records in Rome (IT) in the early 2000s.

The company began as a result of the passion we both shared for mixing, mastering, and music production, especially in HIP HOP and URBAN / ELECTRONICA. It was a passion we had developed right from our early days as beatmakers and home studio for rappers of our neighbor that did a lot in the experimentation with sounds.


We believe that our story is one that inspires and motivates. After many years of production, beatmaking, and sound experimentation, we created a small studio in one of our flats, continuing our hard work by studying and experimenting with hundreds of modern techniques in music production. We worked meticulously towards professionalism. We wanted to become specialists in the game. We particularly experimented with special effects, unique tricks, and production additions that can transform an erstwhile ordinary song into a great hit.


We recognized the fact that a simple mix, even if great, is not enough if it doesn't amuse the listener in a way that is different from the ordinary. It was, therefore, our top goal to be the ones who would consistently create that amusing sound. Beyond the monetary remuneration that comes with production, our top priority was to create masterpieces that we would be proud of.


With almost two decades of experience in music production, ESOF Records has the requisite skillsets and professionalism to create the best sound that your talent deserves. We desire to grow everyday into becoming a major reference point for music production and sound engineering all over the world.